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R & B Spoon Fishing

R&B Wiggle Spoons and Stubby Wigglers.

Spoons are deadly on Trout, Salmon and Steelhead. We are now offering spoon blanks in a wide array of colors and finishes!

Our Candy Colors have already proven deadly on Steelhead, Coho and Kings alike!

Our newest addition the Stubby Wiggler is dynamite in a smaller package. The first 3/8oz spoon available in a 1 7/8" size. Choose from the 3/8oz Stubby Wiggler, or the Wiggle Spoons in a 2/5oz or 2/3oz in 5pks, 25pks, 50pks or 100pks!
All orders over $100.00 will receive free shipping!

Spoon Hardware
24K Gold and Silver Gold 50/50 spoons***Short run
50/50 Silver and Brass Spoons
50/50 Silver and Copper Spoons
50/50 Candy Pink N Black Spoons
50/50 Candy Pink N Red Spoons
UV Enhanced Polished Brass Wiggle Spoons
UV Enhanced Polished Silver Wiggle Spoons
Solid Polished Brass Wiggle Spoons
Solid Polished Copper Wiggle Spoons
Polished Silver Wiggle Spoons
White Matte Silver Wiggle Spoons
Black Oxide Wiggle Spoons
Candy Purple Wiggle Spoons
Candy Blue Wiggle Spoons
Candy Emeral Green Wiggle Spoons
Candy Lime Wiggle Spoons
Candy Orange Wiggle Spoons
Candy Pink Wiggle Spoons
Candy Bright Red Wiggle Spoons
Candy Dark Red Wiggle Spoons