Black Oxide French Blades

Black Oxide French Blades

  • $ 3.15

R&B French blades are made with only premium materials.

All Blades are stamped from premium marine grade brass.

#0 and #1 French blades are stamped from .018 material,

#2 French blades are stamped from .025 material.

Size #3 and larger are stamped from Dense .032 material. 

Black Oxide is a raw satin black industrial finish that is very popular for clear water and spooky fish! It is NOT a jewelry finish and is NOT durable. It is popular for its unique flashless finish that gives presence but is not flashy. It is a special use finish. 

Precision balanced, these French blades provide more thump!

Currently sold in packs of 5, but we will be adding larger quantities in the near future.